Luis Rivera

Luis’ love for the outdoors started at an early age. Luis’ family would often take camping trips to Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and nearby lakes around the Bay Area. Nature was always a great way to balance city life while growing up in San Francisco.

Ryan Kalinowski

Ryan’s favorite trail is the one with good company. Well, good company and mountain views. Granite-bottom swimming holes don’t hurt either. But being with fun people really is the best way to see the bright side of life, and Ryan has found the sun during many clouded adventures.

Robert Boorman

Born and raised in Montclair, NJ, Bob has had a lifelong love of the outdoors through rock climbing, big wave surfing, and mountain road cycling.

Marc R. Crum

For almost 30 years Marc has worked as a consulting engineering geologist in the mining, environmental and geotechnical disciplines. When not studying the vastly complex and varied creation, Marc can be found recreating in the Sierra Nevada or travelling.

Megan Fiske

Megan is a wildlife biologist and photographer, born and raised in the Sierra Nevada. She spent five seasons working as a field biologist and taking field courses in the Sierra, before completing her B.S. in Wildlife at Humboldt State University.

Nick St. John

Nick has been exploring the trails and wild spaces of the Sierra Nevada for as long as he’s been able to walk. Born and raised at the foot of these mountains, he has always seen them as a teacher, a playground, and a home.

Philip Bone

Philip has a long history with the Central Sierra Nevada. As a kid, his family took him on extended backcountry campouts. For many years they spent the entire summer living by the river at the end of a rugged jeep trail. Natural history, geography and environmental ethics were threaded into Philip’s growing passion for hiking,